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Parents, teachers, and children all through out Fayetteville GA and Decatur GA love what we do.  See what people have to say about our speech therapy and language therapy services.

Ms. Atchison has provided contractual speech/language services to our school district for a number of years. Her therapy is student-centered, engaging and effective. She works closely with families to ensure student success.

Frank DeFillippo - Speech Pathologist and Special Education Coordinator

The day my son was diagnosed with a speech delay was one of the hardest days for my family. I was very scared that he was never going to be able to communicate with us. Before he started attending speech therapy, Miguel was very shy and will barely look at people when they talked to him. He would start crying and screaming when I couldn’t understand what he wanted. That’s when we decided to start looking for help. Since his first visit with Ms. April, I knew he was in the right place with the right people. The day he said his first two words after we left the office, I knew this was the place that not only would help him talk but at the same time help me understand him better. Working with Ms. Jenna has been amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a better therapist. Not only has she taught him how to communicate, but his self confidence level has gone up and now he approaches other kids and plays with them with no problem. I personally learned so much from her, as she taught me how to get more involved in helping my son at home and in his everyday routine. I definitely recommend everyone to bring their children to Talk Time Speech. You won’t regret it.

Jessica Reyes

April Atchison is the best! From the moment she’s been in my son’s life; I’ve only seen improvements! Since we’ve moved, she has become apart of our family. She continues to call and checks on us. One thing I loved most, April loves and cares for my son. She takes time to understand his wants and needs. Thank you so much for everything. We miss you.

Lauren B. and Josiah Y.

When we first began Speech with April it was at the start of the pandemic and my twins had already had such a rocky beginning to starting their treatments. Although we wouldn’t meet in person for many months, Ms. A’s impact and effectiveness were quickly apparent! She was an amazing advocate and coach for me as a parent and really helped my nonverbal twin come out of his shell and was able to connect with both of them in a very deep and impactful way even via Zoom. April is amazing at what she does and she always had the fitting tool or approach for my set in order to keep them engaged and wanting to try during our sessions. What is even more brilliant was how amazing the whole team is as when we had substitutes Ms. Toya and Jenna were also so wonderful and easily able to jump in wherever we were and provide meaningful and informative sessions with the twins. In just under a short year I saw my 2 year old twins’ language alliteration and vocabulary increase, their ability to follow directions and begin to identify by request colors, sort, count, practice appropriate sign language, expand imagination play, and both act out and say verbs. Mind you this was all while handling them together virtually with both having very different developmental needs, sensory integration needs, CP. and ASD. We are truly grateful for the beginning transformation and all the support and time lent to our family to meet their needs. April and her team are one of a kind exceptional, outstanding, and result driven while making the experience very pleasant and engaging.

Mother of twins

I have been extremely pleased with my daughter’s speech therapy progress. Both Ms. April and Ms. LaToya have been great with her. I love that Ms. LaToya is kind, patient, and most all encouraging and she integrates that perfectly into her instruction with my daughter. She also keeps me updated on the progress of her speech therapy regularly. I can only hope that my daughter’s in-school speech pathologist will be as good when she enters Kindergarten next year. May you continue to be a blessing to others and their families as you have been to mine.

Sorelle's Mom

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