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American Speech and Hearing Association

"Making effective communication, a human right, accessible and achievable for all."



Most SLPs are affiliated with ASHA, but very few parents know what this organization is about or what it does. Learn more about ASHA now.

American Speech and Hearing Association
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I am affiliated with ASHA, but what does that mean? How does an ASHA help people that are not SLPs? I get these questions from time to time in my practice so I wanted to spend some time answering them here.

The American Speech and Hearing Association has a simple mission: they want to make communication easy and accessible for all. This means every man, woman and child no matter the age, background, or disorder. ASHA caters to students and professionals in the speech and audiology background, but ASHA also has a vast library of resources that are available to everyone. Go to the ASHA website before you tackle you next speech or hearing question with Google. ASHA as information that is not only to the point, but has been vetted by the professionals!

If you want to learn more about ASHA contact me today! This is a terrific organization that not only helps SLPs like me, but they can help you as well.

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