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Language Disorders

Language Disorders

Language disorders are not the same as speech disorders. You can have problems with language while your speech is perfect. Here are some key differences/definitions of language disorders.

Receptive language disorder: your child is having difficulty understanding what they are being told or processing other written/verbal input.

Expressive language disorder: your child is having difficulty saying what they want to say in order to get their point or meaning across.

We can help with both. Studies have shown that as much as 5% of children have expressive and/or receptive language problems before they reach the first grade. This is not a phase your child is going through, but it is very treatable.

Expressing and understanding language is key to success in school and life. Contact us today if you want to learn more or make an appointment. Do not delay! These issues are not 'phases' that your child will grow out of.

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