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Smiles for Speech

"Smiles for Speech provides children with special needs living in impoverished communities with the therapeutic intervention and resources they need to enhance their ability to reach their full potential."


Smiles for Speech

Children with special needs from disadvantaged backgrounds are the most vulnerable, as parents often do not have access to information or resources to help their child. This is why Smiles for Speech was founded

Smiles for Speech
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No child should ever be without proper care. No matter what type of means or background, a child should have access to speech and language services. This is the mission for Smiles for Speech.

Talktime Speech and Language Services has partnered with Smiles for Speech over the years because we understand the importance of speech and language in the life of a child. Without proper speech and language skills, a child can fail to thrive in any area of life. This affects all of us as a global community. This is why we chose to get involved.

Contact me today to learn more about this terrific organization and how you can help. The more our community (locally and globally) know and understand the importance of speech and language, the better our future will look moving forward.

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